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If you are planning on enjoying raw, natural incense, this is the difficult part--choosing what kind of heat source to use. Here are the different options you may choose from:

1- Charcoal.
Charcoal for incense burning comes in different qualities and from different sources. Organo-Leptic will offer two types. Both kinds are used the same way. The first is larger than the other, and may be easier to hold while lighting. Either type of charcoal should be held with tweezers on one end while lighting, as they get hot quickly! Hold a flame up to the other end of the charcoal until you see a glowing red in the charcoal. Make sure to place the charcoal on a fire-proof surface, as it will get quite hot and may start a fire if you place on wood. Once your charcoal is lit, you may then begin dropping pinches of loose incense (whether resins, bark or leaves) onto the charcoal, and enjoy the smoldering scents.

*Swiftlight Charcoal. This type of charocoal is more common and also more "crude". You may notice a slight charcoal odor when burning.

*Bamboo charcoals. These are made specifically for incense burning, and are cleaner and more natural. They are also smaller, and more appropriate for small spaces.

2- An "Incense Stove". is now offering its exclusive incense stove. However, you may also make your own stove. Incense stoves are particularly good if you are studying scents or if you have asthma or extreme sensitivity to smoke.

*Organo-Leptic Incense Stove. The incense stove is made from copper, and includes a nifty olive oil candle for burning as a heat source (just refil with olive oil!).

3- Other Ideas.
Natural Incense may be burned using other methods. One of my favorites is on a hot rock. If you are sitting around a campfire, a rock that is warmed in the fire may act as a little incense stove on which to burn incense. Do this at your own risk, though, as some rocks explode when placed in fire due to their content of water.


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Another fresh sIte by Creative Science

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