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We now offer Flower Essences!
Date added: 10/23/2013
Hand-crafted high-quality flower essences are now offered on! Flower essences are different from other herbal medicines or essential oils, as they bring the healing essence or 'vibrational quality' of flowers to the user. They are wonderful for people who are going through transitions in life or facing personal challenges. Enjoy!
Organo-leptic now offers essential and aromatic oils!!
Date added: 9/24/2013
It has been a while since we have added new products at, but we are on a roll now! First we are adding some choice essential and aromatic oils...with more exciting products to come very soon! Please check back often to see what we are up to--we think you will be very excited when you see the new range of products to come. We look forward to your feedback!
We will be adding new products soon!
Date added: 9/07/2013
Hello Organo-leptic'ers! Stay tuned, because we will be adding exciting new products very soon! Kerry Now Offers Books!
Date added: 04/01/2009 now has books available, written by the founder of, Kerry Hughes. Notably, one of her most recent books, The Incense Bible, is now available on Add it to your order of real, natural incense, to help grow your understanding and appreciation of the scents nature has to offer
Kerry Hughes Appearance on CNN Local Edition on You Tube
Date added: 01/28/2008
Hello All, In case you missed this CNN Local Edition (Comcast) piece last year, you can now see it on You Tube: Enjoy, Kerry
Kerry Hughes Appears on CNN - Interview about Poinsettias, The Holiday Flower
Date added: 11/15/2007
Watch an interview of Kerry Hughes about poinsettias and their tradition as winter festivity flower. This will be aired on CNN Local Edition throughout December 2007 for Comcast customers in the San Francisco/Bay Area:
Podcast Available about The Incense Bible
Date added: 10/30/2007

Kerry Hughes was interviewed by Radio host Meg Jordan about her new book The Incense Bible. To get the podcast, go to,com_mtree/task,viewlink/link_id,3799/Itemid,301/

Kerry Hughes Interviewed by Radiohost Cary Nosler--Podcast Available
Date added: 10/30/2007

There is a podcast available to an interview with Kerry Hughes by Cary Nosler about her book The Health Professionals Guide to Dietary Supplements:


Orano-Leptic Now Carries Natural Incense Sticks!!
Date added: 07/19/2007
As many people find loose incense too inconvenient to burn on a regular basis, Organo-Leptic searched high and low to bring you a real natural incense stick that is made with no charcoal or potassium nitrate. Also, there are no essential oils or fragrances added--these are just resins and leaves! Enjoy!
The Incense Book Is Hot Off The Press!
Date added: 05/25/2007
Both the hard and soft cover versions of The Incense Bible have been released. They will be landing in bookstores soon! For more informatin, please visit the link under the books section of this site.

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Another fresh sIte by Creative Science

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